Kavita Iyer

Not a single dull moment!! 
That's what the Bagpackers team is all about!! 
A dedicated group of passionate travellers who are on a mission to make travelling fun as well as meaningful for all!!
I found Bagpackers while I was contemplating embarking on a solo trek. Like most , I was apprehensive , but the prompt and responsive team made it easier for me to quickly decide on a suitable trek.
It was a short but thrilling trek to Kheerganga. The best part about the entire travelexperience was the consistent involvement that the enthusiastic bagpackers team had with the travellers. I had never thought that while travelling solo I would meet so many like minded people.
All the arrangements were much above my expectations and I found the arrangements rather luxurious !!
I was guided through the trek and learnt the nuances of trekking on rough terrain.
I would definitely recommend bagpackers to all those who have been looking for a safe , comfortable yet thrilling travel experience !!
Special mention for Shivankar, our youngest trek leader who kept us going with his infectious smile along with Rahul and Diwankar for making my first trekking experience a memorable one!! 
I walked in alone and in no time , am back with thick friends!!
So pack your bags and embark on your memorable journey with Bagpackers!! 

Jayakrishnan Venugopal

It's a wonderful organisation which gives you the thrill of exploring a place and a whole new bunch of friends at the same time. Many people don't know about this group so I feel it's my duty to promote bagpackers as I feel they deserve it. My first solo trip with bagpackers is the most exciting trip I have had till date. Love you bagpackers.

Harshita Phatnani

Amazing!!! This one word is apt. The Kasol trip was a memory I'll always cherish. The camps is in a fantastic place, the organizers would become your friend by the end of the trip. 
One trip with Bagpackers is something you should do for sure.!!!❤

Sugandha Singh

This trip to Jim Corbett, was my first trip with Bagpackers. The trip was well organised and every possible hiccup was been taken care of very gracefully. The overall experience was something that can't be described in words. The fun that we had every second, made every moment a memory. This trip will always be remembered and I heartily thank Bagpackers for giving us so beautiful memories. My trip started with two friends and now we are a clan of sixteen!!!

Pankaj Singh

Kasol-kheerganga was my second trip with bagpackers and yet again i had a blast with you guys.The best thing about bagpackers is their hospitality and their ability to make you feel connected to the group.I wish to join you again with another adventurous trip and wish you all the best for your future endeavours..

Prasad Selvarajan

An excellent option for a solo traveller like me. Bagpackers don't come with an 'Organizers' tag and help get along like a bunch of friends. One of my life defining memoirs - Getting LEH'd - came at the courtesy of Bagpackers. A sure personal recommend for your next trip !

Ujwala K

Bagpackers thank u so much for giving me a wonderful trip. Had an amazing experience travling with you guys. You people r not just a travel group you are our friends.Diwankar is very knowledgeable and easy to be with. Tarkarli Scuba diving is an ultimate adventure where we live each moment to the fullest. Parasailing was magnificent. Once you get all the way up in the air it is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful. 
In future i hope to go on many more trips with bagpackers �

Priyanka Tanwar

This is long overdue but much deserved.I don't know where to start with the Thank-Yous!#Bagpackers were recommended to us through our college seniors.And I feel that I should pass a similar recommendation.Triund trip was one of the best things that happened to me.#Rahul and #Diwankar; you guys are Rockstars! I can't praise you guys enough answering all my questions and concern being the first time trekker.You people go above and beyond to find all the answers.And yes the bond you two share is wow!The whole experience was absolutely stellar.We had an amazing time and your ideas about what we would enjoy were bang on.I learnt that the bonfires can be magical :) .I now love #Maffia (our virtual co-traveller...lol) and we often play #Charades here.I had not laughed this much since so long.Thank you Rahul for all the stomach-aching laughters and Thank you Diwankar for bearing with such a clumsy trekker.
And the best part about the trip was that we had the most amazing people to travel with!

#Mumbaikars you people are no short of awesome.....I tell you. *Bole toh ekdum jhakkas* :")

#Rizwan Everytime I see a Rasgulla,It reminds me of something you loved to say..."Iss tarah zaalim ne rasgulle ke tukde tukde kar diye" :"D

#Nikhil your transformation from "itna sannatta kyun hai bhai" to "yun ki...aap itna kab se bolne lage" was important enough to be noticed. :D

Gracias!! :)

Nidhi Soni

A sudden instant plan
With stars in small eyes
8 li'l girls with budding adventure
Begun their first chaper of life!

New people, extreme situations both good and bad
The exposure was Perfect
And WE survived with euphoria I am glad �

Cannot miss my Docsaabs who were present there for every single moment in our hearts
The protective shield around us are you people 
Brimmed with your love, every chapter like this starts �

The hub were the BRODAS
Diwankar won the patency of #BeingResposible
And Rahul our melodious DJ in need
Their combo (the ionic bond�... Yes Rahul �) was appreciated all the way long
I wish the episodes of *BPS's and *Bagpackers' friendship shall last long long and long �

Ashima Hooda

Hey !! 
This was mine 2nd trip with you guys 
Nd I just can't get over from that trip till now ...

One of my best trip and best experience ...

Thank you #bagpackers you gave me so many good friends and a lot of memories for life time.. ���

Shveta Siwach

I just can't get over with the trip of mcloedganj and triund trek ! It was the perfect��
From the stargazing to the bonfire���
From the trek to the bus journey..
From the games to the people I met there�
Thankyou #bagpackers 
You gave me one of the best experience and I'm looking forward for more���

Bhavya Bansal

The Bagpackers gave me one of the best trips of my life. Going for this trip, I was a little apprehensive because I had never done anything like it before but it turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience. The organisers were extremely helpful and co-operative. They always made sure everyone was okay.
All in all, this was a great experience, one I'll never forget.

Nikita Kumar

I went on a solo trip to mcleodganj with bagpackers and had an amazing experience...I met some of the nicest people in the trip including the whole bagpackers' group and I am looking forward to go for another trip with them. They say 'They don't make clients they make friends' which is absolutely true.Way to go bagpackers, keep going (Y) :)

Gaurav Sharma

I would like to share my experience about my recent trip to Bir Billing organized by Bagpackers. We were group of 6 people, and right from first night to the last morning, this trip couldn't be better. Overall it was wonderful experience with you guys. Kudos to the bagpackers team and I would like to thank Diwankar also, amazing bro you know how to coordinate with people and how not to get them bored. Thank you

Sonalee Borgohain

Some experiences are worth sharing; and when it is the first time it's always special. I am glad I bumped into #BAGPACKERS while I was planning for a sweet escape from the regular hustle & bustle.
As I recall my recent trip to Bir-Billing in HP, so many stories come rushing to my mind, creating the most beautiful collage of memories. Courtesy: Team Bagpackers!
When the journey is long, there are moments when one feels like quitting but with the forthcoming attitude and efficient implementation of plans by the organizers we could only thank our stars. Being at the receiving end, all I or fellow travellers desired was to make the most of the time & money invested and cherish each moment. And believe you me, Bagpackers made the trip worth every penny.
It is worth applauding how the organizers kept us engaged delightfully throughout in the absence of electricity and mobile networks in the hilly terrain. They sure made us all connect so well by defining the importance of socializing as opposed to living in a virtual world.
Bagpackers, at all times, ensured comfortable stay of travellers and managed to keep the ear-to-ear smile intact on all our faces. Their hospitality seemed no less than a cherry on top with the mesmerizing view at the backdrop. 
They have best used the camping site under the moon-lit sky, painted with infinite twinkling stars, to make us feel at home in mother nature's lap.
All hail BAGPACKERS! There was no gap between customers' expectation and the level of service experienced. This trip was like a breath of fresh air. Wish you grow by leaps and bounds in the times to come�

Dipankar Dutta

The preparation and organization by Bagpackers, Diwakar is exceptional. I initially joined as a solo traveler and was little bit confused what I will do alone in 3N/4D trip as I don’t know anyone. But the moment I reached at the pickup point, everybody seems to be so friendly. This is one of my unforgettable travel experience. Everything exceeded my expectations and Shoaib, Maddy and Rahul’s hospitality and delicious multi-course meals in a camp was in itself an experience! I was so impressed with these guys. They are so patient and try their best to help us throughout the stay and enjoyed their companion a lot. I want to thank Diwakar, Maddy for their guidance throughout the trekking experience. The entire trip is well planned and I don't want the trip to end honestly. Apart from that, the entire trip is affordable and worth the price. I also make lifetime friends along the journey. Because they are great travelers that will make the entire journey lovely :) And together with them, I feel I am at my place because they are extraordinary friendly :) 5 stars experiences, thanks Gaurav, Sahil, Kartik, Anu, Nimisa, Sonali, Diwakar, Bagpackers, MAD Team!

will miss you….!!

Rightly said by Bagpackers………..We don't make clients, we make friends

Sahil Linjhara

I would like to share my views regarding my recent trip to bir billing. First of all, I would like to thank BAGPACKERS for organising such a wonderful trip. This was the first time I traveled with them and my experience was amazing. It was well planned and well organised and most importantly memorable for all the guys who were the part of this trip. The most amazing part was that I not only met new people on the way but made some good friends too. I am looking forward to have some more trips like this with bagpackers and hoping to get some more adventure and to make some more new friends :)

Mehul Joshi

Memories for life
Unlike any travel agent, these are your friends who arranges everything and Live Every Moment of the trip with you. 
Very energetic and enthusiastic Diwankar and Rahul
One of the best trips I've ever taken
Thank you so much guys...


Ajinkya Sisodiya

These guys are not just the organizers but the true companions throughout the journey. They are fun, they know their role, they have a good network to arrange things and most importantly they never let the enthusiasm fall, during your tough calls and if you can follow that you will be coming back to your home as real explorers... Thanks to bagpackers for giving me and my fellow mates the memory that we will cherish our entire life.

Iram Naaz

I went on a solo trip with bagpackers on a kasol and kheerganga trip.I don't have words to describe about kheerganga,you will feel that you are in heaven.And about bagpackers,they will never make you feel that you are going with strangers.They will provide the best and accomodation and travel.It was my best trip till now.They made it special and memorable. Diwankar and Rahul you made the trip one of the best thing happened with me.So guys if you are going with friends or alone go with these young ,wild and free people ,they will make every moment memorable for you.

Sukriti Asthana

The experience with bagpackers just can not be explained. They made it a memorable one.Can't thank enough. The trip was worth the wait. I would recommend to give it a shot once.
Kudos to you guys. More power to you.

Rashika Mukherjee

I never thought it would be so amazing to travel with Bagpackers.. But, they had made the trip to Kasol so organized and safe.. The best experience ever.. Thank you Bagpackers for the lovely trip and unforgettable memories..

Anu Jalan

Bagpackers...u know for sure how it is done. From the itinerary sharing on fb to actually putting up the things that u said u ll do...giving d best example of a job well done. It was everything I wished for from this trip and all other things: d ambience, d music, d beauty of the place n d people just added a lil more to my delight. Hats off to you for making it d most amazing trip for us all.

Govind Patel

I wanted to travel solo #kasol, for me this whole journey was amazingly legendarily amazing. Best experience you ll get. Awsome team, you ll get the best crowd across the india. 
Last thing which connects me really well : " I travelled solo but never alone". #very true statement for my journey.

Mayank Thakur

Bagpackers, you guys are awesome!
Kasol trip, my first camping+trek experience. It was totally as I thought it would be. It was like my imagination coming to life. The riverside camping was cherry on the cake.
Everyone's energy and enthusiasm was awesome!
Hats off to the organisers!
It was an experience of a lifetime.

Anshuman Mishra

well to be honest I'm still in a hungover of this trip which i had with em.The alacrity is still on for the next trip.The hospitality,arrangement and everything is amazing. I'd recommend everyone to give it a shot with these fellas..

Anugya Pandey

It was first time i was travelling without my parents that to kasol ....bagpackers gave that confidence and safety which made the trip a memorable one ......their dedication and responsibility towards works was comendable .....thank you guys ..... it gave us new frends and a new beautiful experience

Harshit Purohit

Bagpackers is not just a travel group or a business for these people, it is a FAMILY!
Everytime you go somewhere with them, you'll get a new family!
Mine is the most amazing one I think!!
This was the first time I went on a trip with them... But now, I hope I could join them for all the trips in the future. We love you Bagpackers!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!

Ankit Srivastava

Speechless ... One of my amazing n unforgettable trips in my life of all credits go to Bagpackers..aka Divyankar n Baba Rahul From the start of the journey till we returned it was all great as they were very responsible towards every aspect of the journey . In future i hope to go on more trips . Thank you for such great experience ✌

Gaurav Farkade

Really enjoyed a trip to Kasol arranged by Bagpackers. Me and my friends started journey by saying "Life is all about making Good Friends and Having Great Experience", well Backpackers helped us to add more to it. It was Indeed the Best experience of my Life and now I have some amazing new Friends. Don't worry even if you are going alone , you will be making group of friends in no time. Kudos Bagpackers !! And thanks for amazing experience. Looking forward to some more trips arranged by you guys.

Rizwan Khan

Not only a trip,it was journey to charished for the life...found friends peace and myself a little bit more..great fun extraordinary treats..This was something no one on the journey will forget...not only love it but actually lived it....<3

Nivedita Dixit

One of the best trips I've ever taken. Every part of the trip was enjoyable. The best part is that the organisers involve themselves in every activity and make genuine efforts to ensure that each and every person is comfortable and having fun. I went there with one friend and came back with many. It was amazing and unforgettable experience. :)

Pinky Das

Great hospitality! They made sure evryone was together and intact. I never expected this lot from their end. We were just two travelling to kasol and returned as a lot to delhi :) thanks for making this trip happen, even if I was very sceptical about the weather, took the chance and went on. But it was worth it :)

Mayank Uppal

About my experience for this recent trip to Kasol, it was super awesome.... Couldn't have been any better....As we were just two people who knew each other as the trip started, we were kinda in a dilemma about how it's gonna be...
But as I have returned home safely this morning, I would just say that it turned out to be one of the most happening trips of my life. 
Thanks to the organizers, who took care of each and every little thing ( even if it was not a part of their job ).....they came upfront to the best they could to help us be comfortable, both during the traveling and during the stay in the camps. 
We went as two, came back as 78..... Cheers to all the fellow travelers for making this trip worth remembering .

Ameya Dhole

These people are not travel agents ..these people are your friends and when you leave the amp they become your family. The Kasol trip I had gone just a day before I still could feel the moments and feeling bad that trip has ended. Everything they made was just perfect. Dot e a thought for going just GO ..you won't regret it any day. Kudos Bagpackers!!!! :)

Smriti Sai

Awesome trip to Dharamsala..!!
Shivankar...you were amazing and so full of energy throughout the trip. Appreciate it truly. It did not feel like a 'trip', you know, like 'normal' trip!! No! It was something which really has become one important event for me. Because best things about this trip include some First-time events in my life.
Hope to make more memories with Bagpackers..✌️
It gave me precious thoughts to store in my mind.
Ten on ten

Kriti Jain

Speechless ... One of my amazing n unforgettable trips in my life of Dharamshala n Mcloedganj all credits go to Bagpackers.. From the start of the journey till we returned it was all great as they were very responsible towards every aspect of the journey . In future i hope to go on more trips with bagpackers . Thank you for such great experience .. :)

Anshita Mishra

Excellent arrangements...and more than that awesome people to be with..extremely humble and polite people, will definitely make ur trip worth remembering..these people will always try to fulfill all your expectations of the trip..

Beautiful experience!!!
Would love to go again on other trips too..

And Rahul and Diwankar make an awesome team..keep up the good work guys!!!

Akshit Kapoor

Amazing trip it was!❤️
Thanks to shivankar for organising such a wonderful trip.
You guys are doing great.

Vishal Amin

They don't make clients they make friends . they build relationships. They live their passion. A bunch of young guys giving their best to give you the best. May your dreams come true and may you touch many more peoples life through "BAGPACKERS ". All the best for your future.

Jay Pathak

When you are bored or too tied up in your life, need some air. May it be spending some quality time with your family or "packing your bags" and head out to some remote never-heard of places. Maybe from there only the name Bagpackers came from. Anyways the point is, Bagpackers are those bunch of guys who don't know how to organize the best trip, but believe me they know how to take you on a trip you never had before. Tarkali, this is the place where Bagpackers lured me to. This is the people who finds amazing places around you of which you never heard of or been to. Still they see to it that you are not bothered of anything but enjoyment.
Have a lot of memories from my trip which I will cherish and hope soon there will be a day when I can book my next trip with bagpackers.
Thanks for this "one-in-a-lifetime" experience guys. Keep up the great work. See you soon!

Preeti Singh

15th April Tarkarli trip was an extraordinary experience. I was with my bestie and we had loads of fun together. It was amazing to walk along the shore in moonlight. 
Genuinely speaking, bagpackers had arranged the trip in a conventional way. Accommodation- best available in tarkarli, food was good and crowd - fun loving. 
Overall I can say everything was wroth the money we paid.
Next time if you guys arrange more trips this side, please do include a dj party as well. That ll be cherry on the cake 
And thank you so much bagpackers team. Your sincere efforts have given us more chances to explore adventure in our monotonous lives.

Wish u great luck ahead. 
Keep arranging awesome trips.

Anika Singh

Bagpackers- Travel z to live and lyf z all abt making memories - 2days tarkarli trip wid sum awsum crazy ppls, chatting, dancing, singing, random halts, had super fun, nd made sum beautiful memories to cherish fr lyftym. One of d most amazing, nd memorable trip I ever had.
Thanku bagpackers fr giving me ths beautiful experience of lyftym, u guys were truly amazing, really luking frwrd fr many more trips wid u..million stars fr u guys (Rahul and my fav Shivanker), kudos to all d volunteers also :)

Sobiya Hussain

People talk about travelling all the time. I do that too. I keep fantasizing about towns & villages, mountains & the valleys. Don't we all carry that desire to witness a major fraction of the beauty that this country has to offer? 
Trust the Bagpackers to help you take that step & embark on some breathtaking journeys.
We did. 4 girls from bangalore contacted the bagpackers & booked our seats to go experience Kasol, the bagpackers way.

Their simple logic of bringing strangers together for the purpose of travelling is exciting! In those 3 days, the bagpackers taught us exactly what they endorse - TRAVEL IS TO LIVE.

While bangalore burnt at 40 degrees, we sipped on hot chai in the hills at -2, while everyone complained about the traffic in the city, we played with just born baby lambs, while others were stuck in meetings, we went from strangers to friends for life on a 2 hours trek.

"we age not by years, but by stories" Rahul & Diwankar, thank you for giving me this story.
You guys make a great team.. ( my bagpack is packed ;-) ready for the next adventure )

lots of love & luck
Kasol, 2016.