It all started with the passion to travel to every small village and experience the surreal destinations in the valleys and hills, in the forests and on the beaches. The idea of packing bags and running away to destinations that are untapped, uncommercial and close to nature is the foundation of ‘Bagpackers’.

Two school friends, Diwankar and Rahul in october 2014 decided to pursue their passion for travelling all their lives and help others plan travel. The two wanderlusts then began to help others to explore new destinations and began travelling with them and that lead to the inception of Bagpackers.

Over 3 years down the line, Bagpackers is a huge community of over 2000 people who like to travel. Bagpackers has established itself well as the organisers of off-beat destinations. The whole team bagpakers takes care of the minutest things. From safety to decent accomodations, from making sure that the destination is visited during the best season to assuring that the whole journey is fun-filled. Many women take a solo trip or a join bagpakers in small groups owing to the safety it provides.

The Finest in Travel

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The Bagpacking Concept

Travelling with fellow travellers who have the same interest as you is something else. Bagpackers gives you this ideal opportunity to travel with people from different backgrounds but similar interests. Make friends while travelling.

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The Passionate Team

We have a team of people who love travelling. The team is itself travel junkie and loves to visit places. Our team makes sure that travel is safe, and doesn’t let any moment pass dull. The enthusiastic team knows the places and like localites to the destination.

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Mission & Values

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Safety While Travelling

Safety is the journey and accommodation is the priority of bagpackers. The team does not compromise on safety.

Women Friendly Travels

Team bagpackers assures that the journey is women-friendly and that there is no way that the women feel uncomfortable.

No Dull Moment Policy

For the free times and the journey, there are many exciting games, bonfires, performances are planned.

Planned Travel

The travel is planned before hand and all the arrangements are made before the travellers reach the destination.

Part With Memories

We make sure that the trip you take is a memorable one and put in all the efforts for the same.

Equipped Accommodation

The accommodations are well equipped with comfortable beddings and mattresses. The toilets are well sanitised and travel comfortably.

Great Food

The food served throughout the trip is delicious. Even at incredible heights, the food is provided.

Complete Assistance

For any mishap or any medical condition, team Bagpackers is always with you. We provide complete assistance throughout the journey.

Pursue Your Passion And Become Wanderlust

Travel with your group of friends or family to the destinations untapped and experience what being near nature means. Explore the offbeat destination in the country and become a true traveller.

If you are looking to make friends from different backgrounds, travelling solo with Bagpackers is the right option. Travel with new people who share the same interest as you do.

Forget what you do for the time you are travelling and be nothing but traveller. Leave behind all the stress, pack your bag and worry about nothing as you head on the adventurous journey in the woods and the hills.

Create memories under the starry skies and by the fresh waters. Let the breeze tell you that you are alive and let nature be the witness of your happiness.

``Let your soul and spirit fly.``


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